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  The Cehisa EP7, EP8 & EP9 are part of the Rapid Range of straight line hot melt edgebanders. As with the whole range they are constructed to a high standard, built on a solid welded steel chasis.

The EP7 has front & rear end trim and a top & bottom trimming station. The EP8 has the addition of a buffing unit and the EP9, scraper and buffer. These machines can all apply coil material up to 3mm and strip fed materials up to 6mm.
The Cehisa EP8 & EP7
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Tape infeed, glue pot
Buffing station (EP8)
Scraper unit (EP9)
  The glue pot has a screw feed mechanism to minimise glue spillage and applies hot melt glue directly to the edge of the panel, allowing for the application of unglued coil material, high pressure laminates and solid wood lippings.

The temperature of the glue pot is maintained at the applicator roller by a frontal and top heating element. This ensures the glue is applied at the correct temperature and allows the 'wetting out' of the edge of the panel. This guarantees the maximum bond between the edging material and the board.

Electro - pneumatic tape infeed controlled by a micro-processor and timer, which automatically feeds the tape into the correct position to receive the panel with the minimum of tape wastage.

Equipped with a pre-cutting guillotine to cut all materials up to 3mm thick directly from the coil. The guillotine can be excluded for strip feeding.

Strip feed magazine for materials up to 6mm thick, which will feed one piece at a time to eliminate feeding individual pieces by hand.

The pressure station is equipped with two pressure rollers. The first roller is of a larger diameter and is driven at the same speed as the track.
  The other roller is non-driven and is easily removed for cleaning. Each roller is individually adjustable in pressure for maximum bond on all types of edging materials.

The whole pressure station is centrally adjustable for different thickness’ of edgings which gives a very quick setting time from coil to coil strip material.

The panels are transported via a drag at 10 m/min. The top pressure beam is equipped with a double row of rollers for constant pressure and is easily adjustable in height from a single handle located at the tape infeed end of the machine. The top trimming station is automatically adjusted with the beam, which gives a quick changeover for different board thickness with no separate trimming adjustment required.

The control panel is positioned on the front of the machine at the tape infeed end for easy operation and monitoring of the glue temperature and the working units.

All the working units are covered by a fully interlocked sound enclosure, which also incorporates the dust extraction outlet.

There is an extending front panel support rail, which gives full support even for very large panels.
General Specifications - For EP7, EP8 & EP9 Details
Min & Max. thickness of edging 0.4 - 6mm
Min & Max. thickness of workpiece 8 - 60mm
Min & Max. width of workpiece 110mm - Unlimited
Min & Max. length of workpiece 120mm - Unlimited
Power requirements 415V (3PH)
Feed speed 10m/min
Compressed air 6 - 7Bar
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