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  A press manufacturer with a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation Simimpianti has been producing membrane presses for many years. With their unrivalled knowledge of press construction they have teamed up with Wemhoner of Germany to produce machines using their technology for vacuum pressing. The combination of experience from these two companies has resulted in a range of machines that perform to the highest standard whilst still being affordable to the smaller manufacturer.
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  The range covers all levels of production from the most simple single tray machine for lower volumes, through to the twin table high production Topform range.

A variety of working areas are available which enables customers to specify a machine which suits their product dimensions and therefore maximise production whilst minimising foil consumption and waste.

The Topform range of machines have the unique multi-frame system which not only extracts the air from above the foil at the beginning of the process but also at the end of the pre-heat cycle. Air is introduced to separate the foil from the membrane ensuring high quality trouble free operation with a minimum likelihood of creasing.

The Multi-frame system also permits the machine to work on a membraneless cycle without having to remove the membrane, giving added flexibility and production possibilities.

The machine can be equipped with a single table or twin tables operating on a shuttle basis. One advantage of the design and construction of the Topform is that a single table machine can have a second table added at a later date as production volumes increase, which can prove very cost effective for growing companies.

All machine functions are controlled by a simple to operate PLC unit which can be easily programmed for different foils or profiles to ensure a perfect result every time.

With the modern trend towards ever more complex designs Simimpianti have developed the Topform deep chamber system. The deeper chamber allows deeper panels to be pressed and is extensively used for the production of curved doors which are increasing in popularity particularly for fitted bathrooms.


The Flexipress is an ideal machine for smaller manufacturers who wish to start their own production and become independent of external suppliers.

The press itself is still manufactured to the same exacting standards of the larger machines but by simplifying the shuttle and making it manual operation the machine becomes very affordable and cost effective for smaller companies.

As with the Topform a second shuttle can be added as volumes increase, allowing the table to be emptied and reloaded while the other table is being pressed.

The machine is available with a choice of three working areas ensuring that the optimum loading ratio can be achieved in relation to the size of panels being produced.
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