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Type: 130, 180 & 210
Harwi are a well respected specialist manufacturer based in the Netherlands producing a range of solidly built and well designed machines. Known mainly for their wall saws they also manufacture these medium to large capacity rip saws.

The machines are built on a strongly fabricated steel base and feature cast iron tables, tilting arbour and bridge type safety guard.

  The aluminium rip fence has a graduated scale with a maximum capacity of 1250mm.

The fence can be turned through 90° to allow close approach to the blade and maintain blade protection from the overhead guard.
  Type 130:
An all-round heavy duty saw bench with a 400mm blade dia, an angle adjustment of 0º-45º, height of cut of 0-110mm (maximum of 135mm).
  Type 180:
The Type 180 has a 500mm dia. blade with a maximum height of cut of 180mm with height and angle set by hand wheel.
  Type 210:
The Type 210 has a blade of 600mm with a maximum height of cut of 210mm. This model also has motorised rise and fall via controls from the front of the machine.
General Specifications Type 130 Type 180 Type 210
Height of cut 0-110mm 0-180mm 0-210mm
Saw blade diameter 400mm 500mm 600mm
Saw blade bore 30mm 30mm 30mm
Max. width of cut 0-1250mm 0-1250mm 0-1250mm
Angle adjustment 0-45° 0-45° 0-45°
Max. motor power 7.5HP 10HP 15HP
Spindle speed saw blade 2800rpm 2500rpm 2100mm
Voltage 415v 50Hz 3PH 415v 50Hz 3PH 415v 50Hz 3PH
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